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Apostrophe Song

Available on iPhone.

Put the apostrophe back in its place! The Apostrophe Song is a unique and fun iPhone application that helps you remember where to put apostrophes.

Be the grammar guru with this innovative educational tool. Impress your parents, your teacher, your boss.

Choose your favourite musical style from rock, hip hop, pop/dance or acoustic.

Race against the clock while you test yourself with multiple choice quizzes.

Download sheet music, information sheets, exercises, answers and more.

Email teaching resources straight to your inbox, ready for use in the classroom. Enter your School in the Cool Rules Schools' Challenge.

It’s the ideal punctuation guide for the office, workplace, classroom and home. Great for English students, parents, children, teachers and anyone who’s interested in getting it right!

You’ll never forget where to put an apostrophe again.


Visit the Cool Rules website: www.coolrules.com


Developed by enabled for Cool Rules





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