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The Fairies - Fairy Me

Transform yourself into a fairy with a quick wave of your wand!

First, sing and dance along with Rainbow, the beautiful fairy, to awaken your creative inner magic.

Now you’re ready to turn yourself, and everyone around you, into magical, sparkling creatures of Fairyland!

Become Harmony, the pretty purple fairy, or Barnaby, the Bizzy Buzzy Bee. Perhaps pink is more your colour, or you always thought your dog was secretly a wizard... wave your wand and make it so.

Just pick out who you’d like to be from the famous Fairies characters - then choose a picture from your photo library on your iPhone or iPod Touch, or take a new one with your iPhone camera. Move, scale or rotate your image so that your face features on your favourite character. Then decorate the image with bubbles, butterflies, rainbows or other fairy fun.

Or by choosing the ‘me’ option you can decorate a picture of your own!

The app automatically saves a copy of your Fairy Me photos into your Camera Roll - so you can email it straight to your friends and family - or import it onto your computer to do whatever you like with.

Children will love running around the home and using their creativity to turn the mundane into magic.




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