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Flight Before Christmas for iPhone & iPod Touch - is Out Now!


“Tis the flight before Christmas, and up in the air,
there are helicopters, UFO’s and planes everywhere...”

To read the full version of this poem click here.


Fly through the night in Santa’s sleigh and direct your team of reindeer to deliver presents to the sleeping occupants in the houses below. But watch out for the other flying objects, or not even Rudolph’s bright red nose will save you!


If you loved Flight Control, you’ll love Flight Before Christmas.


The elves are threatening to put Santa on a stringent diet if he doesn’t score well - so choose your course carefully and clock up bonus combo points by delivering to multiple households without altering your flight path. Deliver to all the houses in the neighbourhood to proceed to the next level.


So fly high, score well, and make sure Santa is allowed his share of the Christmas pudding.



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