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No exaggerations here, this pack of 3 apps IS amazing! From the team that brought you Newton’s Cradle comes the Amazing Liquid Pack. Manipulate and shape hot wax, be mesmerised by a groovy lamp or watch as gravity enables liquid to work its way through a maze like structure in the oil toy. With three apps in the one pack this is a great addition to your collection. Check it out!


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Friday 26th September

We are planning on sending the app for approval today!


Friday 3rd of October

The Amazing Liquid Pack is launched!


Wednesday 8th of October

Amazing Liquid Pack is available for purchase!





Q: What do I do with the hot wax?

A: Heat it up by using your fingers and pull it apart.


Q: What do I do with the Lamp?

A: Put it in your cradle and simply enjoy.


Q: What do I do when the oil toy runs out?

A: Turn it upside down to start again.


Q: What if the Amazing Liquid Pack crashes?

A: Restart your iPhone / iPod Touch. If the issue continues, make sure you have the latest Software Update installed.




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The ultimate office toy hits your iPhone / Ipod Touch!

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