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An interesting application designed to fight boredom at your desk... or anywhere else for that matter. Simply touch and drag the balls and then let go to set the cradle in motion. Tilt your iPhone left and right to play with the laws of physics. Enjoy!

Its free: Get it here!



Thursday 16th October

Newton's Cradle Reaches Half a Million Downloads and New Update on the way. Includes features of v1.1
Press Release


Thursday 4th September

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Friday 22nd of August:

We've hit #2 in Australia and #3 in America... Thanks to everyone that has downloaded it! We didn't expect this!

Thursday 21st of August:

We've hit 4th on the Australian App Store & 8th in the American App Store. Thanks guys!

More games to come!


Wednesday 13th of August:
Newtons Cradle has been sent to the Apple Store for approval. Check back here for updates soon.




Q: What do I do if the balls get stuck?

A: Reset the application


Q: Why isnt the tilt function working?

A: Reset the application



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