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Newton's Cradle Pro - Now with more balls


“Newton's Cradle is a fun diversion… Responds to touch and tilt alike for hypnotizing effects.”
- Gizmodo


“Just so stupidly simple and fun.
Great distraction.”

- Army Drummer


Newton’s Cradle Classic reached “Top 2 App” status globally with well over a million downloads. Simply touch and drag the balls then let go to set the cradle in motion. Tilt the screen left and right or intercept the swinging balls to enjoy playing with the laws of physics.


Now we proudly present the PRO version which incorporates user feedback and offers cool new features including:

  • 9 different types of ‘balls’ with custom sound effects
  • “Freeze Mode” - freeze time and move the balls individually to set up the ultimate clash.
  • “The Head Basher” - take a photo of someone’s face and turn them into the Newton’s Cradle balls so you can literally bash their heads together!


So don’t bash your head against your desk in boredom or frustration…

get Newton’s Cradle PRO now

…and bash someone else’s head.


Note: After installing this app, please restart your iPhone / iPod Touch


Wednesday 25th February ’09

Newton’s Cradle PRO has been approved and can now be downloaded from the app store.

Click here to download it now!


Friday 20th February ’09

Newton’s Cradle PRO has been sent to the Apple Store for approval. Check back here for updates soon.






Q: What do I do if the balls get stuck?

A: Reset the application


Q: Why is the head basher photo blurry?

A: You probably moved the phone while the image was still being taken/saved, hold the camera still until the image appears in the preview screen


Q: What do I do if the strings get tangled?

A: Touch the affected balls and they will reset


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