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Rock Chick and Science Geek | Episode 1 | "Cold As Ice" for iPhone & iPod Touch - Out Now!


• Hugely entertaining video and music video clip
• Engaging game
• Science activity to try at home
• Ages 6 and up

Episode 1 is specially priced at just 99c US!


“David and Susi are brilliant entertainers… and hold their audience in spellbound wonder.”
- Jen Watts / Creator, The Fairies

“Interactive, engaging, funny and spectacular… a perfect blend of visual, aural and education.”
- Tom Ryan / The Song Room


Hot rock meets cool science when Rock Chick and Science Geek join forces – cramming your iPhone or iPod Touch with explosive rock and rocking explosions!

It’s a science show! It’s a rock musical! It’s a fast, fun and seriously awesome game!

Stage-diving from their critically-acclaimed live scientific rock concerts and into your pocket, Rock Chick & Science Geek is fun and intelligent, interactive edutainment for kids and their families – where whimsy and creativity inspire not only scientific illumination, but also the imagination.

But be warned! You might accidentally learn something…

‘Cold As Ice’ is a sub-zero spectacular that’s guaranteed to have your toes tapping, your brain spinning and your iPhone or iPod Touch tilting, twisting and turning in every direction…

Join The Geek as he whips up a batch of brilliantly smooth ice cream in the blink of an eye… while Rock Chick sings about the craziest ice cream flavours to ever hit a taste bud. Octopus and squid guts? Seriously? But nothing beats our finale – the most massive liquid nitrogen explosion you’ve ever experienced!

Then immerse yourself in a race to the finish line… as a boiling bead of liquid nitrogen! Tilt and twist your iPhone or iPod Touch to navigate the temperature maze. But you better fly fast and avoid the hot spots, or you’ll disappear in a puff of fog forever!


* Watch the first full episode of Rock Chick & Science Geek – including awesome science demonstrations and an icy cool video clip

* Play the first collection of levels in our liquid nitrogen maze game

* Sort through The Geek’s notes to dive deeper into the science explored in this app – and then release your own inner geek by following the instructions to try some science at home


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