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Storm Surfers

Available on iPhone & iPad.

Storm Surfers follows two-time world champion Tom Carroll and big wave tow-in pioneer Ross Clarke-Jones as they hunt down and ride the world’s biggest waves. Ross and Tom have conquered monster waves off South Africa, ridden a typhoon in Japan and surfed big waves in the Southern Ocean that smash into the most inhospitable areas.

Hunting waves the size of a four-storey building involves strategy, timing, preparation and tracking the largest oceanic storms in the world. That’s where meteorologist and surf forecaster Ben Matson comes in. Using the latest storm prediction technology, he helps Ross and Tom track swells and time their arrival to a matter of hours in a mad, high-stakes race against time and the elements to conquer and film massive waves.

Storm Surfers - New Zealand is their latest adventure.

The Storm Surfers app has:

  • Exclusive High Definition videos from Storm Surfers – New Zealand
  • Exclusive photos of Tom Carroll & Ross Clarke-Jones
  • Behind the scenes footage and photos
  • The story behind the adventure and chasing big waves
  • The ultimate Storm Surfers quiz that unlocks a secret video.
  • Links to Swellnet forecasting site for the latest on the swell at you local
  • Links to Stormsurfers.tv and more content


Visit the home of Storm Surfers: http://stormsurfers.tv/


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